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Stand in the Gap

(May be sung to the tune Leoni which is the tune

commonly used for “The God of Abraham Praise.”)



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Stand in the gap and pray! The wall is broken through.

The guilty sinner stands condemned, his days are few.

God’s judgment now seems sure, but if you for him plead,

God may relent, may show that He is kind indeed.


Stand in the gap and pray, with all your strength engaged!

The battle for the souls of men must now be waged.

The breach cannot be filled by weak, insipid prayer,

So rouse your heart, storm heaven’s gate! Do not despair.


Stand in the gap and pray! Ask for the gift of grace

To fall with sovereign power and light from Jesus’ face.

God shows His glory bright, His honor He maintains,

When He removes the sinner’s guilt and all his stains.


Copyright John K. LaShell 2006